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  1. Why didn't early Quakers celebrate Chriatmas?: In these questions is found the substance of the Quaker disapproval of not just celebrating Christmas, but all holidays.
  2. New Beginnings: That blog was very much of its time: named after an obscure Quaker quote, on Blogspot, connected to the Quaker blogosphere. I started it at a time when Quaker bloggers all read each others’ blogs and commented on them, meeting new friends by reading their posts.
  3. A Closer Walk with Gandhi: As I walked down that raucous street afterwards, Gandhi taught me something about being Quaker. I was in my earlier 20’s. Until that time going to Meeting was something which I did on Sunday.
  4. Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers: In the spirit of the beginning of a new year, I created a new Facebook group, Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers, I created links to the main sources of information I know of related to introduction to Quakers, where to find Quakers, and Quaker organizations.
  5. That of God in Donald Trump: So. Assuming that Donald Trump has that “principle of God in him” (Fox), we must thresh out that chaff in our own hearts and souls before we can answer whatever that principle is in him. This means prophetic speech that has no hate in it or even disrespect, but only the power, the Spirit, of Love and Truth.


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